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My name is Max Petretta. I'm a software engineer with over 5 years of professional work experience. You've found my corner of the internet, where I experiment with new tech and sometimes write about it.

Born in '94, I practically grew up as the world came online. Plenty of fond memories come to mind: AIM conversations, forum posts, and long nights spent playing RuneScape with friends. My love of technology really started in 2008, when I bought my first iPod Touch, jailbroke it 😈, and started downloading any app I could find.

Originally from Michigan, I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Michigan after a brief foray in mechanical engineering. In my senior design competition, my team was fortunate enough to win "Most Innovative Project" for our Android application.

After graduating college, I joined General Electric's Digital Technology Leadership Program, where I spent two years traveling around the country (and the globe!) working in different businesses & roles. From front-end web development to launching a new hardware product, I grew as both an engineer and a leader.

I work for GE Healthcare now, and live in Detroit, Michigan. My role is in the cloud space, where I work to modernize our applications and processes by delivering reliable services, advanced automation, and infrastructure-as-code.

In my spare time, I maintain a pretty diverse set of hobbies: I play golf (poorly 😅), practice woodworking, wire & assemble mechanical keyboards, and I'm an avid Premier League fan #COYS.

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